The Advantages of Having Security Screens Fitted on Your Doors

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There are plenty of good reasons to get security screen doors these days. Whether you are looking to augment the security of your business premises or your home, they will form a sound physical barrier that will prevent people from breaking into your building. Essentially, they function as an additional doorway that makes it much harder for intruders to either barge down a door or to pick the lock and get in that way. Nevertheless, security screen doors have numerous other advantages than simply beefing up your security. What are they? Read on to find out.

Enjoy a Better Aerated Building

One of the best things about having a security screen over your doorway is that you can open your exterior doors and allow air through without worrying about access violations. This way, the security screen will continue to prevent unwarranted access but will still enable you to enjoy better ventilation. Many types will keep airborne insects at bay, too. Bear in mind that buildings that are not aerated fully will often develop mould and mildew inside, something that can cause respiratory problems. By the simple addition of a security screen door or two, you can overcome such issues at a stroke.

Stop Paying so Much on Insurance Premiums

Another key plus point of security screens is that they will often allow you to renegotiate your insurance costs. Whether you have screens fitted over your windows or your doors, the result should be the same, namely, cheaper insurance. Many insurance companies will lower the premiums they charge for household and commercial insurance if additional security measures are in place. Even if your insurer does not have this sort of discount, then you could switch to another provider that does. In this sense, security screen doors will pay for themselves over the course of a few years after they have been installed.

Add Value to Your Property

Another financial benefit of installing security screens over your doors is that they will often add value to your home. These are the sort of features that would-be buyers like to see. Therefore, if you ever come to sell your property down the line, this sort of investment will pay off in terms of the price you can expect to fetch. In other words, you will get the money back you paid for them as and when you decide to put your building up for sale.

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