The Benefits Of Hiring Security Guards

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Security guards are the human component of your home's or business security system. However, most people are often hesitant about hiring security guards. In their defence, they have often invested in high-tech security systems and may feel they do not require guards. If this is your opinion, read this extract to learn the benefits of hiring security guards


One of the primary responsibilities of security guards is to patrol your premises. Usually, security patrols ensure prompt response during a burglary attempt or emergency. A security patrol is a highly organised activity. Typically, guards are deployed to survey specific areas at random intervals. During patrols, the guards check on each other and maintain contact with their supervisor. If a guard does not check-in at the required time, they are considered indisposed, and a team is deployed to examine the situation. 

Patrols also compel your employees to comply with workplace policies. For example, they may avoid unauthorised areas since there is a probability that they will come across a guard. Similarly, it could enhance the productivity of your employees. The guards act as a supervisory body since they answer to a different chain of command. Therefore, employees are likely to concentrate on their work since they do not have to worry about security. 

Emergency Response

Security guards are the first responders in case of an emergency at your home or business. The guards have the training needed to respond to emergencies such as terrorist attacks, burglaries, fires and flooding. Ideally, the guards evacuate your employees or family and take all measures to protect your valuables during an emergency. 

Once you hire the security guards, they examine your premises to establish how they would respond in case of an emergency. For example, they identify the best exits during a fire. It could be the window, back door or the emergency exit. In some cases, the guards could recommend slight renovations to improve the security of your premises. For example, they could recommend security doors, fire extinguishers, hidden exits and ventilation systems. While these renovations will cost you, they will go a long way in ensuring the safety of your employees and family and preventing damages to your valuables in case of an emergency. 

VIP Security 

In some cases, you might be worried about your security. For instance, you could be a celebrity who gets bombarded by all kinds of fans and haters in public. Alternatively, your financial or societal status could compromise your security. Security guards provide VIP security to ensure you can lead an ordinary life without feeling that your life is under threat. The guards examine the various threats and develop mechanisms to avoid attacks on your life. For example, you could use different routes to prevent your enemies from learning your movement patterns. Besides, the guards review your enemies' operations to determine the probability of an attack. 

Security guards patrol your premises, offer emergency response services and increase VIP security.