Why A Security Patrol Is Not Just About Preventing Theft

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Everyday security patrols are sent out to many businesses, organisations and companies all across Australia. This might surprise you since many people consider Australia quite a safe country where theft is a minor issue at best. While for the most part that is indeed true, that is not the only reason why a security patrol is used by so many people. Theft prevention and response is only one part of the services a security patrol does for the people who contract them. There are many other reasons people get security patrols. They could be of benefit to you and you didn't even know it.


Vandalism is a common occurrence in many industrial areas located in the bigger cities. Often a business will have to spend thousands of dollars cleaning up graffiti, broken windows and smashed doors after some rowdy teenagers or bored drunks wander past their storefront. One way to prevent this in the long term is through a security patrol. Once alerted to someone in the area, they will dispatch immediately to shoo them away and protect your property. At regular intervals, they will also do checks to see that everything is just as it should be. This constant monitoring will quickly warn any would-be vandals to steer clear of your business. 

Staff Safety

It is an unfortunate reality that in some places around Australia there is a genuine concern for the safety of your staff at work. While this is almost never an immediate, everyday risk, many companies still face the prospect of their staff working in a less-than-desirable location. Maybe your staff has to do outcalls to more violent neighbourhoods or work amongst them day and night. In these cases, a security patrol provides protection and safety for your staff as they do their job. No doubt your staffs' safety is a top priority for you and that is the reason many businesses choose to take this precaution. 

Event Management

Trying to keep gatecrashers out of an event is no easy task, especially when the event is out in an open space. A security patrol is often called upon to these events to make sure that only those who are invited are allowed in. This is common for corporate functions but also for music festivals and fairs that are regularly held across the country. If you haven't yet organised security for your event, you should get on that as soon as possible. The last thing you want is a crowd out of control and no means to contain or disperse them.